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NETCONF and YANG – why you need it

How do you manage network devices? Still using scripting and CLIs? Then it's definately time to consider upgrading to a programmable management interface like NETCONF. This blog posts ask you four questions to help you understand if you need NETCONF and YANG.

Second generation SD-WAN: how to migrate

A second generation SD-WAN for deployment on uCPE based on white box hardware and open virtualization platforms is now gaining ground among communication service providers and enterprises who see a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to gray box SD-WAN.

7 out of 10 planning SD-WAN deployments on uCPE!

In a recent webinar organized by SDXCentral we asked about deploying SD-WAN on uCPE. The audience answered they are ready to migrate to a second-generation SD-WAN solution, based on uCPE.

SD-WAN – The New Backbone of the Enterprise

The benefits of SD-WAN solutions have become more evident to enterprises and the market is growing rapidly. Learn about the background and how this type of solution helps enterprises reduce costs.

Meeting Jan Häglund – the new Chief Executive Officer of Enea

Tomas Hasselrot meets Jan Häglund and asks him about his view on Enea and the strategy looking forward.

3 Steps to Build a Flexible and Cost-Efficient uCPE Platform

While SD-WAN is experiencing a serious hype, service providers have begun to show great interest in basing SD-WAN offerings on uCPE solutions. Why is this? Why do service providers take such an interest in uCPE?

Top 5 Predictions for 2019 - The Connected Society Coming of Age

As we move into 2019, many of the technologies and paradigm shifts that have been in discussion for several years - ranging from NFV to 5G - are moving from discussion and development into real deployments. The ever-connected society is coming of age, but with that also comes increased expectations regarding functionality, quality, and user experience.


5Gオペレータが5Gネットワークを展開する際にCAPEX(設備投資)を低く抑え、導入時間を短縮するには、柔軟性がキーポイントとなります。システムの柔軟性は、フレキシブルなランタイムによって実現されます。このブログ記事では、5G RANアプリケーションにおいてフレキシブルなランタイム・プラットフォームが必要になる5つの理由について解説します。

Enea Strengthens Partnership with Intel

Enea has been awarded Solution Plus Partner in the Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle, recognized for industry leadership in technical innovation, meeting the industry’s transformational needs, and delivering open and flexible solutions optimized for Intel.

Network Transformation Award Winner

The virtualization software platform Enea NFV Access redefines the economics of uCPE and SD-WAN deployments. It is purpose-built for best-in-class networking characteristics and footprint – ideal for retail and point of sales scenarios.

Where is uCPE heading?

You don’t have to pick greyboxes for uCPE anymore, since whiteboxes with independent NFVi are now available. This enables new uCPE solutions with great technical capabilities and tremendously attractive economical conditions.

SD-WAN and uCPE: Solving the Economic Equation

Carriers, service providers and enterprises are desperately looking for affordable and manageable SD WAN and uCPE solutions in order to deliver the right function or service at the right performance. But how do they solve the economic equation?

Survey Result: The Most Important uCPE Requirements

In the cost sensitive vCPE/SD-WAN use cases, CSPs and enterprises rank open source based software and APIs, optimized for low-end whiteboxes, as their top two requirements.

IPファスト・パスはなぜ必要か? - 3つの (技術的な) 理由

Why have Nokia, ARM, Cavium, Marvell and others invested in Open Fast Path (OFP), an open source project aiming to provide an accelerated IP stack implemented in Linux user space?

Enea Leading Lights 2018 Finalist: Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy

Light Reading just announced the 2018 shortlist for the Leading Lights Awards: Enea is a finalist in the Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy category. 



Commercial NFV Value through Open Source

Enea’s commitment to the open source community not only advances development and deployment of NFV but brings great commercial value, with zero lock-in, multi-vendor choice out-of-the-box, and optimal integrations and configurations for each specific use case.




このインタビューでは、LTE端末デバイス開発企業で研究開発担当バイスプレジデントを務めるZhang様にお話を伺います。同社の設計では、ARMクラスタ上でEnea OSEを、DSP上でEnea OSEを使用しています。(文中敬称略)

Improving upgradability, updatability and configurability in OPNFV

Fuel is easy to install but made OPNFV difficult to upgrade, update, and configure. Enea helped implementing a more dynamic architecture that gives more flexibility in production - the Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP).

Optimizing NFV Cost, Performance & Power with the Arm Ecosystem

The Arm ecosystem delivers solutions to unlock the power of NFV and brings new price and power points. The Arm Infrastructure Developer Community (AIDC) and WorksonArm initiatives showcase the range of powerful solutions available in the Arm ecosystem.

The Rise of Open Service Delivery Platforms at the Network Edge

We talked to Paul Parker-Johnson, Principal Analyst for Cloud & Virtual System Infrastructure at ACG Research about what is going on at the network edge and what it takes to succeed as a solutions provider.

Survey results: 3 questions about virtualizing the network edge

SDxCentral recently hosted a webinar with speakers from ACG Research, Intel and Enea. During the webinar, three questions were answered by a highly qualified audience of solution vendors, Systems Integrators and service providers.

Goodbye vertical silos, hello components!

Vendors would, in the past, package hardware and software together. In this horizontal world, we’re splitting that. The bundling and selling of vertical silos won’t work anymore.

4 STEPS to shorter time-to-revenue

4 steps how to shorten time-to-revenue in NFV/SDN systems at the network edge, ensuring flexible service deployment through open and standard APIs.

GET THE EDGE - ARMベースのNFVインフラストラクチャによる効率化

ARMのBob Monkman氏に、NFVプラットフォーム時代におけるARMの役割、そしてEneaをはじめとするエコシステムパートナーがフットプリント、パフォーマンス、消費電力、イノベーションといったメリットをどのように実現し拡大できるかについてお話を伺いしました。


Eneaの製品管理部門ディレクタであるUlf Bragnellに、NFVのトレンド、特にテレコム・オペレータにとってのvCPEのメリットについてインタビューしました。また、商用ソフトウェア・ソリューションの内状についても話を聞きました。


In a recent webinar with Light Reading, the audience was asked the question “Are you deploying ARM-based vCPE solutions in the near future”? Let’s take a look at the results.