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Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) is the world's leading system for management of large-scale Wi-Fi services.

Aptilo SMP has been proven in large-scale deployments with 100+ operators in more than 75 countries. We partner with leading vendors including Cisco, CommScope (Arris & Ruckus), Ericsson, Fujitsu, HP and Nokia.

With the award-winning functions for B2C / B2B Wi-Fi and offloading, Aptilo help service providers create growth, save costs and reduce churn while increasing ARPU and customer loyalty.

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Aptilo is now a business unit of Enea, but we haven't quite moved in here yet. Please go to for a more comprehensive understanding of our products and solutions.

Aptilo SMP

Aptilo Service Management Platform™

A scaleable platform with built-in support for all Wi-Fi and gateway vendors that count. All functionalities that you need for a first-class Wi-Fi service: AAA, policy engine, subscriber management, charging, captive portals, SIM-authentication, analytics and more.

Extensive support for integration with external systems and the mobile core through Diameter, RADIUS and REST APIs.


Aptilo SMP VWM

Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™

This add-on module to Aptilo SMP makes it easy for service providers to roll-out B2B Wi-Fi services.

Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager features a multitenancy architecture with captive portal management and Wi-Fi analytics, combined with end-user marketing and engagement features. 

We designed Aptilo SMP to handle millions of users. Now you can scale your B2B services too, by letting your business customers take care of the daily operations of the Wi-Fi service.


....and these are some of the use cases Aptilo SMP enables

Operator B2C

Carrier Wi-Fi

People love Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is the best insurance policy operators can get to make them stay and it provides much needed indoor coverage at the same time.


Wi-Fi Offload

Mobile Data Offloading

Put your trust in the world’s most deployed and awarded solution for offloading. Offer subscribers a seamless and secure Wi-Fi experience.


Operator B2B

Operator Managed Guest Wi-Fi

Managed guest Wi-Fi services is a growth opportunity for service providers. It is also their best strategic B2B asset because they get access to marketing, sales and management and not only the IT-department. 

With B2B Wi-Fi, you will not only get a profitable business but also valuable indoor footprint for subscribers.