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Real-Time Operating System Optimized for DSP

Enea OSEck (OSE compact kernel) is optimized for Digital Signal Processors (DSP), and is suitable for high-performance, memory constrained applications. Built on a compact kernel with small memory footprint, Enea OSEck brings rich functionality and true real-time behavior for single and multicore DSP devices.

Enea OSEck provides a subset of the Enea OSE API, making it easy to migrate applications between the two operating systems, with a minimum of changes to the application code.

Enea OSEck is ideal for applications with tight memory constraints that require reliable real-time control and signal processing.

  • Designed for distributed heterogeneous environments.
  • Highly portable; optimized for single- and multicore DSPs.
  • Scalable at the function level, allowing functionality and footprint can be optimized for each application.


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System-on-Chip (SoC) Solutions with Enea OSEck

Enea OSEck is an ideal component in SoC solutions and provides necessary software and tools to port, deploy and test applications. Enea OSEck fulfills common performance requirements and runs on the industry's most efficient and least power consuming architectures.

Thanks to the built-in, high-performance Inter-Process Communications (IPC) technology, integrating DSP cores running Enea OSEck with a Linux CPU becomes a breeze (over shared memory, sRIO or Ethernet). The result is an easily portable, commercial solution, with full commercial grade support.
Management and debug functionality between DSPs and Linux hosts enable fast development of robust DSP platforms in even the most advanced multicore SoC and multi-SoC LTE Advanced and IMS media gateway systems.

Enea OSEck also implements a minimal networking/IP-stack for packets and (un-fragmented) datagrams in a Packet Flow Layer (PFL). UDP/IP is the standard protocol but certain custom protocols are also supported. PFL relies on hardware offload for the necessary packet classification, but suitable software emulation could make PFL useful on architectures that lack the required hardware packet classification.

Full RTOS Environment

OSEck is more than a DSP kernel. It is a full RTOS that contains an optimized real-time kernel with extensions, networking, packet processing, and tools.

Pre-Emptive Kernel

The pre-emptive kernel insures quick interrupt response times and general real-time behavior.

IPv4/IPv6 BSD 4.4 Compatible TCP/IP Stack

Supports simultaneous use of raw IP, UDP and TCP. DSPNet comes in 3 different flavors: IPv4, IPv4+IPv6, IPv4+IPsec. DSPNet supports Secure SHell (SSH), Internet Key Exchange (IKE), and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Supported DSP Processors

Texas Instruments KeyStone II

TCI663x (e.g. TCI6636/38)

Texas Instruments C6000 and C5000 families

TMS320C66x (e.g. C6670/78)
TMS320C64x+ (e.g. C6455/72/74/82/84/86/87/88)
TI OMAP-L137/8


B4-series (e.g. B4860/4420)
MSC815x (e.g. MSC8156/57)

LSI Logic

ZSP400 and DSP cores



Analog Devices


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