Executive Management Team

Jan Häglund

President and CEO
Born: 1966
Employed since: 2019
Education: PhD in Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, DEA Physique des matériaux École Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Grenoble, Master of Science Engineering Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
Previous Positions: Ericsson - Head of Product Portfolio and R&D for Business unit Digital Services, Head of Product Area Network Analytics and Control, Head of Product Area IP and Broadband 

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björn westberg

Chief Financial Officer
Born: 1962
Employed since: 2018
Education: MSc, Industrial Engineering and Management, Linköping University.
Previous Positions: CFO at Bonesupport AB, CFO and Executive Vice President at Recipharm AB and CFO at Jeeves.

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Jean-philippe Lion

Senior Vice President DPI Business Unit
Born: 1966
Employed since: 2017 in Enea and 2007 in Qosmos 
Education: M.Sc.Telecommunication Engineering, Telecom ParisTech, (France) and MBA, INSEAD (France)
Previous positions: VP Sales Emea & Apac at Qosmos; Local Loop BU General Manager and Business Development Director at SFR, Senior Associate at Booz Allen & Hamilton.

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Adrian Leufvén

Senior Vice President OS Business Unit
Born: 1972
Employed since: 1998.
Education: M. Sc. Mechatronics Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. 
Previous positions: SVP Operations & Quality at Enea, SVP Software Sales at Enea, SVP Global Delivery at Enea, VP Strategic Outsourcing at Enea, VP Support at Enea, VP Marketing at Enea, Director Asian Sales at Enea. 

No. of shares: 15,000


Bogdan Putinica

Senior Vice President Global Services
Born: 1977
Employed since: 2000
Education: International Finance and Banking, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest. 
Previous positions: CEO at Enea Romania, Global Sales Director Product Services at Enea and President of IP Devel.

No. of shares: 872


Erik Larsson

Senior Vice President Marketing
Born: 1960
Employed since: 2016
Education: M. Sc. Engineering Physics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. MBA IU Kelley School of Business, USA.
Previous positions: VP Marketing at Qosmos, VP Marketing at Netcentrex (now Mavenir), VP Marketing at Integra (now Level 3), Marketing Director at Nortel, consultant at Business Sweden.

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Daniel Forsgren

Senior Vice President Corporate Development
Born: 1973
Employed since: 2006
Education: M. Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, Linköping Institute of Technology. Studies in Industrial Engineering and Management
Previous Positions: SVP Product Management at Enea, Principal Engineer at CTO office of Enea, System architect at Enea. Software Engineer at Virtutech

No. of shares: 12,395


John Giere

CEO Openwave Mobility
Born: 1963
Employed since: Openwave Mobility 2012, Enea 2018
Education: MBA University of Maryland BSBA Georgetown University
Previous Positions: Alcatel-Lucent, Lucent Technologies, Ericsson

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Senior Vice President Policy and Access Control
Born: 1974
Employed since: 2019
Education: M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology
Previous positions: VP Global Head of Telco Solutions at Atos, VP Business Unit LTE at Siemens Convergence Creators

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[Oct 23 2019] Interim report  Q319

[Jan 30 2020] Annual statement 2019

[Apr 28 2020] Interim report  Q120

[May 6 2020] Annual General Meeting

[Jul 16 2020] Interim report  Q220

[Oct 21 2020] Interim report  Q320

[Jan 29 2021] Annual statement 2020

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President and CEO

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Executive Assistant
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