Board of directors

Anders Skarin

Born: 1948
Chairman of the board since Sept 9, 2011
Member of the Board since 2005

Education: Bachelor of Sc. (Econ. And IT)
Previous positions: President of Programator (listed) and Nordic Manager of Cap Gemini. Board assignments and management consulting.
Other assignments: Chairman of the board for Multisoft Consulting and JVAB. Board member of Acando AB.
Main occupation: Management consulting and board assignments.
No. of shares: 15,000

Kjell Duveblad

Born: 1954
Member of the Board since 2008

Education: B.Sc. Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics
Previous positions: Sales Director of IBM Svenska AB and President of Oracle Sweden, Nordics and the Baltics.
Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Encon AB and Board member in a number of unlisted companies.
Main occupation: Management consulting and board assignments.
No. of shares: 10,000

Mats Lindoff

Born 1961
Member of the board since 2010

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.) EE
Previous positions: Chief Technology Officer Sony-Ericsson, President of C-Technologies AB.
Other assignments: Board member of Precise Biometrics AB and a number of unlisted companies.
Main occupation: Strategy consultant
No. of shares: 990

Torbjörn Nilsson

Born 1953
Member of the board since 2012

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.) and B.Sc. in Business Administraion
Previous positions: Chairman and Board member of listed unlisted technology companies, Vice President of the Ericsson Group. 
Other assignments: Board member of a number of unlisted companies.
Main occupation: Strategy consultant and board assignments.
No. of shares: 0

Åsa Sundberg

Born: 1959
Member of the board since: 2015

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.) 
Previous positions: CEO of mobile broadband operator Net1, partner in a Nordic Venture Capital Company with focus on early stage technology investments.
Other assignments: Board member of DGC ONE AB.
Main occupation: President and CEO of Teracom AB.
No. of shares: 0

Gunilla Fransson

Born 1960
Member of the board since 2016

Education: M.Sc. of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Licentiate Nuclear Chemistry.
Previous positions: Head of Business Area Security and Defence Solutions at Saab AB. Before that various management positions within Ericsson.
Other assignments: Board member of Trelleborg AB, Nederman AB, NetInsight AB, Eltel AB and a number of unlisted companies.
Main occupation: Board assignments.
No. of shares: 1,000

Johan karlsson

Born: 1989
Employee representative for the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (SI) since 2017

Education: B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering
Previous positions: -
Main occupation: Software Engineer at Enea
No. of shares: 0


The Nomination Committee has, in accordance with its trust adopted a policy on how best to choose candidates based on ability and not gender, race or religious belief. The Nomination Committee is aware of the ongoing public debate on gender balance and understand - according to the requirement of competence is superior - that more equal gender distribution is preferable. It ensures also that all companies that face competition must seek the best men and women for each role. 

Directors of the Board of Enea, Kjell Duveblad, Mats LindoffTorbjörn Nilsson, Åsa Sundberg and Gunilla Fransson are independentChairman Anders Skarin is also independent.


[Apr 24 ] Interim report Q119

[May 06] Annual General Meeting

[Jul 18] Interim report  Q219

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