Reaping the Benefits of Unified Data Management in 5G


The introduction of 5G forces network operators to reevaluate the processes and methods associated with building network infrastructure and managing traffic and data. A key element of this transformation is Unified Data Management that creates a common data layer for access to user data that makes it readily available for various network functions.

The separation of data from function means that different network applications, and multiple instances of these applications throughout the network, can draw from the same pool of data. This brings many benefits, including improved data consistency and simplified network architecture. However, implementing Unified Data Management is also associated with certain challenges that network operators must address.

In this webinar Sue Rudd of Strategic Analytics and Oliver Korfmacher of Enea discusses the benefits of Unified Data Management, its challenges, and why it plays a significant role in 5G networks.


  • Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategic Analytics
  • Oliver Korfmacher, Vice President of Product Management, Enea

In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the definition of Unified Data Management and its role in the network
  • About the issues Unified Data Management can solve in 5G networks and why solving them is critical for the long-term success of network operators
  • How user data is managed in mobile networks, and the role of Unified Data Management in the transition from 4G to 5G
  • About common interworking scenarios between Unified Data Management and Home Subscriber Server systems