NFVI as a Foundation for Service Value at the Network Edge

 Enea, Intel & ACG Research Joint Webinar


The network edge plays a crucial role for the success of new services such as vCPE. In this session, we will discuss how NFV infrastructure software can ensure service flexibility, performance and cost-efficiency, while creating new business value based on capabilities such as service chaining.

Enea will describe how a lightweight NFVI software platform based on open source can provide the foundation for vCPE agility and innovation, thanks to high networking performance, mixed virtualization technologies (KVM and/or Docker containers), and complete VNF lifecycle management.

Intel will share the latest architecture optimization and performance enhancements on x86 processors, with a special focus on key success factors for NFV at the network edge, such as throughput and memory footprint.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • Using open source-based NFV infrastructure to ensure vCPE service flexibility
  • Performance and cost-efficieny
  • Adding business value with service chaining

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Webinar Presenters

Nicolas Bouthers

Chief Technical Officer, Qosmos a Division of Enea

Chandresh Ruparel

Director, Ecosystem Strategy and Intel Network Builders, Network Platforms Group

Paul Parker-Johnson (PJ)

Principal Analyst | ACG Research